Our value proposition

  Leaders in Telecommunication infrastructure services
  Technical support in all of Latin America and United States
 More than fourteen years of experience


Our products have the advantage of being clear and easy to understand. There is no need to have a technical knowledge just to manage simple concepts which we will explain to you


Do not worry about the threats which may exist in different social networks.
Our team knows about those threats and how to handle them so that your clients and visitors will be protected.

Cost effective

We have the necessary experience to offer different models of investment for you to choose the one that suits your budget.


We are constantly searching and evaluating new technologies. We are always up to date with new trends and tendencies which allows us to keep a step forward and provide innovative solutions.

Authentication and management platform, proprietary and exclusive, with the required flexibility and simplicity.
Access control interfaces.
Management of several service parameters.
Configuration of service policies. Brand Look & Feel

Our Market

Hospitality solutions

Nowadays, guests prefer a better and faster internet connection more than any other amenity.
  • If a guest has a negative experience with the service provided, he might not only decide to never come back but might also write a negative comment on certain webpages like TripAdvisor, which is visited by millions of users before choosing the hotel for their next trip.
  • Nimbus Networks provides guests with an “all inclusive” solution for the guest internet service, Our solution is customized to the needs of each one of our clients regarding infrastructure and budget.
  • Our solutions have been deployed in very important worldwide known hotel chains such as Marriott Hotels, Starwood Hotels, Accor Hotels, Grupo Posadas, among others.

Solutions for Education

Connected Education Centers
  • Services and applications that require internet connection have grown on a large scale, so a good internet connection is essential in order for students and teachers to be able to cope with their daily activities.
  • This service must have the basic features for safety and content filtering since it is a service for an educational institution.
  • Our solution provides all the safety features in order to have content control and visited pages within the institution.
  • Besides, we offer the possibility to generate an interface with the active directory of our clients so that the authentication can be through student number, date of birth or any other personal data the client defines.

Solutions for Healthcare

Connection Services for patients and visitors in Healthcare facilities
  • Some time ago many medical centers did not have internet connection services for patients or visitors. In the majority of cases, the options for entertainment provided were limited to TV services or rented DVDs from catalogues.
  • Today, patients and visitors bring with them their own devices for entertainment and communication. Because of this, it is necessary to provide an accessible, secure and reliable internet service
  • Nimbus Networks provides effective solutions for internet connection services in hospitals on a low-cost budget. This service can be offered free or with a cost, limiting bandwidth consumption, time, users, applications, among others.

Solutions for Retail

Services for Retail
  • Soon, you will find a lot of information about retail.

Solutions for Government

Services for Government institutions
  • Soon, you will find a lot of information.

Support Services

In Nimbus Networks we know that our technical support service is an essential part for the solution of High Speed Internet. Professional support and attention for any technological project. Our business model is 7/24 365 days a year.
Multiple languages: English, Spanish and Portuguese.
More than 14 years of experience as a critical component in the solution of High Speed Internet.

Our Experience

GPNS certified vendor
IHG Connect certified
Starwood Hotels
Starwood Hotels
EBC Universidad
EBC Universidad